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Inside School

Today school education sector is primarily motivated by performance and the intense competition. Categorically speaking, the two important levers of performance displayed in the diagram are performance and feedback into the cycle.

Though not clearly visible, Indian education system is prone to the following gaps:
o Limited feedback of performance
o Lack of awareness of varied aspects of education
o Absence of competitive environment due to small peer size
The primary opportunity for a caring parent to know about his ward is ‘Parent – Teacher Meeting’. Except such meetings, limited platforms exist where the parent can be abreast of regular information about the education of his ward.

Gone are the days when the child used to grow in the cozy and safe environment created by the localized and limited awareness of parents and school faculty. Today, the child is highly exposed to the stiff competition very early in life. If the exposure to the competition is sudden, then it leaves the student confused and clueless about the way out of this situation.

The most important component of any performance appraisal is the peer size and the kind of peer group. Constraining one self to a small group in school adds to the limited growth of the child. Consequently, when the scope of competition suddenly increases during the board exams, the student finds himself out of place. In view of the mentioned concerns, we bring on table a host of services which converge on a single platform to facilitate the efforts of the student for his preparedness for the forthcoming challenges in the competitive environment by plugging the existing gaps in the existing educational framework.

With inputs from the school, we wish to enter into the GeNext of Learning, which will provide an opportunity of global assessment, best-in-class mentoring of the student and the best possible core learning services. Our introductory services of ‘Inside School’ to bridge the existing gaps in the education system are with the help of our three premier services – dWand, Waig and samaWesh.


What it is?
The milestones of Class X and Class XII Board examination marks hold extreme value in our life. In the ever increasing cut throat competition, any lack of awareness of the competition takes you out of competition.

Need for Parivartan

As mentioned earlier, today a student is assessed on the basis of his performance with regard to the peer group in his school alone. In spite of the true competition being among a widespread national student community, the scope of such benchmarking is near to nil. So, dWand brings the Parivartan by grading the student against students of many other premier schools in the same class. The portal provides full flexibility to the student/ parent to decide the parameters of comparison with respect to school, geography, subject etc.

With a comprehensive set of statistical tools complemented by historic data from the school, we promise to answer all of your questions to provide a judicious and correct method of evaluation.


What it is?
Caring for one’s beloved kid was never so easy! Waig, the new generation solution puts an end to the distance between you and your child when he/she is at the school. Waig will mark the end of era which had written communication as the only mean of communication.

Need for Parivartan

Because of different existing constraints there are limited opportunities of interaction of parents with the school in regard to the feedback of their ward. The existing feedback reporting is unable to bring the desired result because of the large time gap between the occurrences of activity and reporting. Waig brings the Parivartan of online tracking of all the school activities. With the real time information flow, the update of school activities becomes instantaneous and error free.

With the help of indigenously developed software, schools will have the access of data entry on a PDA/ Computer in the classroom, which translates into summarized SMS everyday for the important messages.


What is it?
We are living in a world where integration of various points is not just a need, but a necessity. Same theory has found wide acceptance in schools too. Samawesh brings to you integration of various learning opportunities at a single place – school. Defying the traditional constraints of schools to provide the curriculum education by the teachers of the school, Samawesh promises to bring learning services of various kinds which would include focused sessions/workshops for specific courses which are normally not covered in school curriculum.

This helps in creating more awareness for the child about the developments in other schools. Also, this would help the school to know about the functioning of the other good schools. It will lead of replication of best practices for learning followed in other schools.

Such integration of services learning opportunities under a single umbrella will create a unique positioning of the school, and attract the best of talent.

Need for Parivartan

Presently the single source of knowledge and information is the school teacher alone; thereby limiting the all round development of the student to a small group. samaWesh brings the Parivartan of sessions and workshops by best faculty from different parts of the nation in your school. Also, it introduces better knowledge exchange of the present faculty with a more experienced faculty.


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